Other activity related to element exists

Is there another activity in UiPath same concept with “Element exist”? the problem is that whenever the UiPath is clicking the download button, it will proceed even if the download is not yet done. So, the downloaded file is either incomplete or not at all.
Is there an activity aside from “Delay”. I want a dynamic activity.

thanks in advance!

Hi @Lainyvi_Santoc, We have check app state activity in modern activities. That is dynamic activity. It will wait till element appear or disappear. It has property delay, but it waits only till element to appear. Hope that helps!

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will try out this :slight_smile:

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You could use Wait for download activity, or a loop/Retry Scope coupled with File.Exists.

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i will try this also.

what to put it here?


Hi @Lainyvi_Santoc

You can Check App State
If the element which you are targeting is appear
You put wait for download activity in Target Appears

Hope this helps you

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I also facing this issues so I use wait for download it work as expected.

You can use wait for download if you are going to download any file it will wait.
use the click activity inside this.



Yes, you can use the “Wait for Download” activity in UiPath to wait for a file to finish downloading before proceeding. This activity is designed to address the issue you mentioned, ensuring that the download is complete before the automation continues.


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you have to set the properties of “Element Exist” activity

  • Wait for Ready property set to Complete so that it will going to wait for that element until it completely loads. This way we can avoid selector Not found errors
  • Timeout Property set to 60000 millisec which is equals to 60sec that means app 1hr. You can modify it accordingly
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i’ve tried this activity but it got stuck.
the activity is waiting for download then I use the navigate to the downloads but it will not go through. so I’ve add the kill process, but still its not navigating to the desired folder.

Could you describe what you are trying to achieve?

I used the waiting for download for me to know that the file is properly or successfully downloaded. After ensuring that the downloading activity is done and complete, I want to navigate it to the downloads settings to save as it to xlsb format.
But the UiPath, wont go through that path. It will just stop in the browser where I downloaded the file.

hello, this is the error I’m getting.


First things to check:

  • Does the file get downloaded to “C:\Downloads”? → set correct folder path if not
  • Is the file downloaded in 100 seconds? → Increase timeout if not.

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