Waiting for a file to fully download

Hello - I currently have a process for downloading files in Chrome and then unzipping those files. The files that are being downloaded are quite large and can sometimes take up to an hour to fully download. Once downloaded I then unzip the file.

I am using ‘Path Exists’ activity to make sure the path of the file exists before the bot tries to unzip the file. The problem is that even though the path may exist and then the bot tries to unzip, the file is actually not fully downloaded and the bot throws an error saying the file is being used by some other process.

Does anyone have a solution to this? Or know how to have the bot wait (with out hard coding a delay) until the file is ready to be used and then unzip?


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Hey @Bob2,

You can use Wait for download activity, Even that will having a timeout (you can specify some long timeout as per your process). But it will only pick the file after the download is completed.

Thanks :slight_smile: