Wait for the download to be finished - with Do While loop

Hey everyone,

First time posting as a fresh UiPath user, but I am truly in need of your advice because I am stuck with my sequence.

I need to move a file from the Downloads directory to a specific folder, but before that, the file should be downloaded to that directory. I have created the following Do While loop, but stuck with the condition.

If I add a boolean condition/variable without True or False it says the file is not there, if I add that the variable = False then the loop is going on forever even after I drop the file to that folder.

Can you please give me some advice?

Why don’t you use the Wait for Download activity instead?

thank you for the suggestion, will definitely try that one out, but being on the starting point of my learning curve, I would prefer to first solve it first with the Do While loop.

OK, then the condition should be Not FileExists and in the while loop, you should add a Delay activity also so you don’t call Path Exists too many times.

The assign for FilePath should be outside and before the loop. There’s no reason to assign it in every iteration.

Thanks for the feedback about FilePath, have moved it outside and before the loop.

In the meantime I have found a way to make the Do While loop work by adding an output to the Path Exists, and adding the “not” to that output in the condition field: