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Good afternoon. I am downloading a document, it can take from 1 minute to an hour. After downloading - you need to open it, how to do it?
That the process waited, but did not wait when the file was already downloaded.
The file will open through rollback


you can use delay activity

Use PATH EXISTS activity and check for the file whether it’s there or not with a Boolean variable

And USE a IF condition with Boolean variable if true it will go to THEN where we can process it or goes to ELSE part where we can add a delay of appropriate time

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I do not know the file path. It opens from the post office.

Can you elaborate a lill more, what you wanna achieve or where you are stuck?

You want to wait till the document downloaded? if yes then is there any loader when you clicked on download button? can you share a screenshot?

I wait for the document to load and open it. Download times may vary. Loader and no way

Can you write the manual steps one by one for the job you are trying to automate??

I go to the mail.
There is a file there
Click download
He is loading
I go into it

okay, So you’r login to email through web browser or fetching email from outlook?
If you are fetching email from outlook then you can look into the attached file.
email.zip (15.6 KB)

not. company mail

okay, so you open your company email in browser?? or its configured with any email client in your system??

It’s like local app


I guess you can use any of the activities and configure IMAP or POP3 whichever if applicable


To download a attachment or document from a mail first we need to get the list mail from that mailbox
Being a company one it could be either outlook (90%) or sometimes gmail

In that case if it’s outlook then we can use GET OUTLOOK MAIL ACTIVITY and get the list of mail message variable as output named list_mailMessage

—Now use a FOR EACH activity and pass the above variable as input and change the type argument as System.Net.Mail.MailMessage
—inside the loop use a SAVE ATTACHMENTS activity where mention the input mail as item and mention the folder path where we want to save the file/ document attached

—then from that folder you will be able to access the file

Cheers @RPA3

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