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I am invoking a workflow to download a file from a web site from my Main process.
“DownloadFile.xaml” is in a Try Catch. If there are some browser delays, the file is not getting downloaded. The Main process is continuing without throwing an error and trying to process the file. How do I put a stop there if no file is downloaded?
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Please use the activity Path Exist and it will give you the Boolean value.

Based on that you can check the file is available or not using IF condition. @A_Learner

Also check the below solution for the same.

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you can use the wait for download activity


Hey @A_Learner

The best method I would suggest for this scenario will be to use Wait for download which will dynamically wait until the file download completes or will throw an error if the file download is taking too long beyond the Timeout provided.

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Thank you. There is no download link or button to the file. I have to click “Save As” and a window appears where I have to enter the location to save. This is not fitting with “Wait for Download” activity.

Is there a way I can get the “Wait for Download” functionality to fit with this behavior?


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Hey @A_Learner

Of course yes.

You need to have it after entering file path, click ok or save Should be inside wait for download activity.


But in the Save As Window I am already entering the path. So in the “Wait for Download” activity do I have to enter the path again? Is that valid? Thank you,

wait for download is recommended on a first step:

  • the path entered within the save as dialog is about the fullFilePath for the saving
  • the click on the save button is the trigger for the wait for download
  • the folder configured for the wait for download activity is the folder where we will download the file - so it is the parent folder of the downloaded file. This we will assign when configuring the activity

Kindly Note: we can dynamicly calculate the parent folder for a fullFilePath

Thank you!

Is it okay to keep “Open browser” activity and all the clicks including “Save As” in “Wait for download” activity? Thanks,

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