How to wait until download completed



I want to wait until excel file download completed after click download button.
It’s almost take 15 minutes.
How can I develop it?


Hi @ysh325,

In IE browser you can see download option.
Wait untill the pop-up become open folder button


Hi @akila93
Thank you for your reply.
I’m afraid, Can you show me flowchart or write activity name?
Please let me know activities.


Hai @ysh325
If your activity will take exactly 15 or 20 mins you can just change the timeoutMS in property panel or you can go with OnElementAppear activity by a proper selector after download is completed.


Timeout may not be a good option here, you can use wait Element Vanish activity or OnElementAppear activity



You can also hard code a specific delay using Delay activity. You could give it an argument like that to hold the execution of the bot for 15 minutes:


Sorry, it seems to not proper as time downloaded is not fixed.


I use On element Appear activity. But there is some issue.
My flow chart like follow:

  1. Click the download button on a web site
  2. Decision loading icon is exist using while activity.
  3. If loading icon is disappear then click save button using On Element Appear activity.
  4. Last click a save as button.

there is a issue at 3.
When I start flowchart as save button, it is working well.
But if I start from download button on a web site, then uipath is not recognize save button.


did you try solution suggested by the @akila93