How to wait until download completed

I want to wait until excel file download completed after click download button.
It’s almost take 15 minutes.
How can I develop it?

Hi @ysh325,

In IE browser you can see download option.
Wait untill the pop-up become open folder button


Hi @akila93
Thank you for your reply.
I’m afraid, Can you show me flowchart or write activity name?
Please let me know activities.

Hai @ysh325
If your activity will take exactly 15 or 20 mins you can just change the timeoutMS in property panel or you can go with OnElementAppear activity by a proper selector after download is completed.

Timeout may not be a good option here, you can use wait Element Vanish activity or OnElementAppear activity


You can also hard code a specific delay using Delay activity. You could give it an argument like that to hold the execution of the bot for 15 minutes:

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Sorry, it seems to not proper as time downloaded is not fixed.

I use On element Appear activity. But there is some issue.
My flow chart like follow:

  1. Click the download button on a web site
  2. Decision loading icon is exist using while activity.
  3. If loading icon is disappear then click save button using On Element Appear activity.
  4. Last click a save as button.

there is a issue at 3.
When I start flowchart as save button, it is working well.
But if I start from download button on a web site, then uipath is not recognize save button.

did you try solution suggested by the @akila93

Use Monitor Events with File Change Trigger. When it finishes downloading the trigger fires and continues. Make sure you set Repeat forever to false or it will stay in the loop forever.

Does File Change Trigger work for anyone? When I use File Change Trigger, the trigger occurs too soon. The trigger thinks my file is there but it is still downloading. I am download files from sharepoint and google drive.

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Hi @nickjermer

You should include additional logic to only start working on the file if it is fully downloaded. One idea would be to create a loop that checks if the size of the file stopped increasing and is stable.

Works consistantly with the files I’m downloading. Might be with sharepoint and google drive they are pausing and setting the Change Trigger. Could try putting a 2 second delay and checking the trigger again.


Please Share a logic diagram for that.

Thank you,

Does anyone know how to use the System > File > Wait for Download activity? I’m getting an error in the “Downloaded File” section that states… “Value type of string cannot be converted to ‘System.IO.FileInfo.’”



Hi ysh,

Use a delay activity for 15 or 16 min based on your download estimation .

Hope it helps ,

Thanks and regards
Sahil garg

Hi! I noticed this is your first time posting! Welcome! :slight_smile:

Also, thank you for the suggestion. I noticed your screenshot is showing the activity is named “Download File.” Is this from a package that must be installed? It’s not in my version of UiPath Studio. Thank you!

Use “Wait for download Activity” and inside it specify the file you are waiting for Download.

This will solve your problem.

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