How to make the bot wait until the particular window opens?

Hi all,

Im downloading some data from an application, I’m not sure of how much time the application takes to download the data,
After downloading the bot opens file explorer directly. So now i want the bot to wait until the file explorer opens.
How can i achieve this?

Hello @DIYA

Here for downloading the file you can use Wait For Download activity.

One that complete you can get the files using Directory.Getfiles(“folder path”)

Still if you want to open the explorer you can use element exists and a if condition to wait for some element in the file explorer.


Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan
I don’t want to keep any delay in if condition.
The application itself opens file explorer once downloading is completed.
So i want the bot to wait until that window is opened and to perform next activities.
The downloading may take 5mins or 10mins , not sure of the time. So don’t want to keep delay

so how you are managing the delay now in the script? Wait for download activity will help to wait the execution till the file gets properly downloaded and then you can use the normal Ui automation on the file explorer.