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I am working on power bi automation and the power bi file takes a couple of minutes to open fully so what wait activity should i use so that i dont put a static value in delay and make the code not good.
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I Would suggest use a retry scope and keep element exist in condition block with 100 retries and a 5 sec time interval. The retry count might be static but I think it is better that way since sometimes there might be a crashed file where bot has to stop and throw error after certain amount of time.

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Hi @Aishwarya_Bhargava ,

Which activity you are using here which consumes time? Please check in its properties panel if there is any wait for ready property. If yes, please set it to complete.

Also, instead of putting in hard coded value, you can use config value to feed in the delay values(constants sheet already have parameters defined in there for delay, you can use those and feed in the values).

Furthermore, you can include a check on file using element exists activity and see if its already opened or not, if not then delay for some time.


use WaitForRead option in Property section enable it in interactive or complete.

I am using Start Process and the time taken to open the file varies alot sometimes it takes couple of seconds and sometimes a couple of minutes as the size of the files keeps on varying time-to-time.

That is not available in Start Process activity.

I have tested this retry activity on some files and it is working ideally. Thankyou for the help :slight_smile:

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