Wait Activities Not Working

Hi all,

I am working on this application, when the “Save Button” is clicked there’s an execution that happens on the background then a “Success” message pops up when that execution is finished. This takes too long for other Items and the robot becomes impatient and tries to log the user in again instead of waiting until the “Success” message appears. I’ve used most of the activities i can think of e.g Find Element, Text Exists, Element Appear, Element Exists and the waitForReady=Complete but still times out before the message box appears.

Please Help

Did you try increasing timeout time to let say 60000 or 120000 which will wait for 1 or 2 mins?
Because by default it waits for 30 secs.

And also, Find element will throw an error if it is not able to find that element whereas Textexist and elementExist will return a boolean value, it will not throw any exception

Try delay if you know how much it takes to process in back end otherwise use loop to check if pop up available or not and exit after certain number of retries.