Wait activity problem

When I automate a form from excel in website then

Then after the first typeinto activity the webpage goes to loading But the second typeinto activity does not wait for loading to complete

In this way till 4 or 5 typeinto activity is performed. Then the loading is complete And after the loading is complete, the remaining entry of the form becomes blank. then uipath clicks submit


Welcome to uipath forum
Usually with type into activity we will be having a property named WAITFORREADY

Set that property as complete

So that type into activity will wait for 30 seconds by default for the element to load completely
You can also increase that wait time by keeping some time value in milliseconds like 60000 in TIMEOUTMS property


You can use ELEMENT EXISTS activity and check for that element has appeared or not which will give us a Boolean variable named bool_exists

Then use a IF activity like this
Bool_exists = True

If true then it goes to THEN block where use the type into activity

Hope this clarifies

Cheers @Suraj_Sharma1