Wait for downloads does not work

I have an odd problem, my wait for downloads function is timing out even though the download actually occurs. I have check the download folder and it is correct. I tested the activity by placing it in an independent workflow and it worked fine, with no changes to the code or selector…

I cannot figure out why it times out…

and wait for activity:

Hi @Nathan_Betters1
I think your file downloading process taking more than 30 seconds and wait for download has a time out property.
“Wait for download activity monitoring your folder for 30 seconds”.

->Second thing you have a contusion why files is coming in folder
So answer is simple. Your click activity to download file is working correctly and it clicks on button then "wait for download " monitoring for 30 second but not getting file.

Please increase timeout in wait for download properties and see it.


It’s definitely downloading quicker than 30 seconds it’s 1 kb and I can open it within 3 seconds so a 30 second time out is plenty long enough

Hello @Nathan_Betters1

Please check the below video.


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Hey @Nathan_Betters1,

PFA the .xaml file for your reference.
Download-CrossTab.xaml (21.0 KB)


The problem is moving a dynamic file name, the video is moving a specific file selected.

Hi @Nathan_Betters1, I think there is some issue with the selector there, share the complete screenshot of the selector and also of the studio where it is accessing that dynamic file

HI @Nathan_Betters1

Just remove the TimeOut in the properties and test the flow.

Ignore these temporary file Extension → “tmp,dwn,crdownload”


Tried this already…

Can you share the error message and screenshot @Nathan_Betters1

It’s in the very first post

After removing the TimeOut (30 sec) also you have received Time out period 30 sec

Right ?@Nathan_Betters1

I don’t follow your question? It’s not a matter of timeout because I can see the file download in a split second.

You can keep the folder always clean by mvoing the file to the folder instead of copy.

Then when file gets download, you can use “Directory.GetFiles(“Folder path”)”

I tried the move function and get the same error

can you share the screenshot of the workflow created.


We had a problem that was similar. Our processes would sometimes look for an input file in a folder and it would not be able to find it. When we logged in manually, we could see the folder and the file. The issue was, that the folder was in a mapped network drive, and the mapping was not happening quickly enough for the process to see it.

My downloads folder is not a mapped folder