Wait for download doesn't work

Hello I have o problem with Wait for download activity. I need to download an xml file from a web page and the file downloads in my computer, it was saved in downloads folder, but not where I set in the activity to save it.

I downloaded an xls file from the same website and that works great.
Do you know why this happen?

You don’t set in the activity where to save it - that is controlled by your web browser. Usually the default is C:\Users\username\Downloads

The setting in the Wait for Download activity is to tell it which folder to WATCH for the file to appear.

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You need provide the monitore folder for activity so activity is listenning for new files.

You can give Name for Downloaded File to use later.

Always you have problem with some activity, right click on it and click in “Help” to direction you to reference docs. There you have more information how to use it. Its very useful

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you have 2 options here
in your browser configuration go to dowloads and check the following, also change the location that you want to dowload the files, or when the popup appears in your automation, put the entire path and name where it will download and then pass that path to the wait for download activity

Second is to dowload always in the default folder and then move the file to the location you want like this


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