How does the "Wait for Download" activity work?

Hello! I have a master process that downloads many files as part of an audit process. That being said, I’m curious as to how the “Wait for Download” activity works. I see a Do activity that says “Activity to initiate download.” In my case, I’m assuming it would be something like “Click Save.” Then, there is a monitored folder, which would be a network/shared folder. No problem there. The question I have is regarding the Downloaded file section, which appears to require a variable–and a FileInfo variable. I have no idea what goes in this. I created a variable by using CTRL K and typing Filename, but nothing I type is accepted. I’ve tried “IN,” “IN.xlsx,” IN, and IN.xlsx. What goes in this variable? Thank you in advance!

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Hi! See my post below on how to use the Wait for Download activity.


Thank you so much for your quick and accurate response! I had no idea how the GetInfo variable worked! So the variable doesn’t need any value in it? The process just plugs in the folder path, filename. and extension? That was so simple! You rock! Have an awesome day!


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