Download monthly report part in Performer workflow taking time - Level 3 - Assignment 2

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I completed Dispatcher and Performer workflows but when I tested, I found ‘Download Monthly Report’ workflow is taking too much time to complete process for single workitem. I verified that after download and save file for given month (e.g. January) it select ‘February’ in month field but here its taking too much time (around 1 to 2 mins) to click on ‘Download’ button. I only use single ‘Delay’ activity (1 sec) before merging tables in entire ‘Download Monthly Report’ workflow.

Please help me to understand why workflow is taking time.

PS: When I ran workflow individual its running faster.

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Set WaitForReady in a click activity to ‘none’. I can’t remember where exactly, but I think you get the idea. I found it on the forum


Make sure you are on a recent version of Studio; this could be a bug that was fixed.

Other things to try if the WaitForReady property doesn’t help:
—use a full selector instead of a partial selector
—try another internet browser
—try another machine to identify it as an environment issue

Essentially, when it gets to the Click activity, it goes by the WaitForReady property before starting to look for the element (but this most of the time this property doesn’t matter). Once it starts looking for the element (and after the DelayBefore property - change to 0 for much faster speeds), it goes by the TimeoutMS property (30000ms by default, 30secs) to throw an exception if it can’t find it.

So in short, if it is taking over a minute and does not ever throw an exception, then you can assume there is a possible bug or the WaitForReady is not working for you.


This is a known issue with UiPath and IE11. Are you using IE11?

The issue is that when the download file pop-up appears, regardless of whether you download a file or exit out of it, all actions within the browser after that time take 120 seconds. Not sure exactly what the cause of that issue is though.

Can you use a different browser by any chance?

Thank you very much @MGMKLML for providing quick solution.
I did changed ‘WaitForReady’ property to ‘None’ for few click activities which resolved my issue and worked running faster and successfully.

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Thank you All & @PrankurJoshi, @Mahesh_Lakshmipathy, @MGMKLML, @ClaytonM, @phyogananda for helping me in completing Level 3 - Assignment 2. Due to your quick help and excellent support I passed assignment.

I really appreciate your time and outstanding support and expecting same for future assignments and throughout my automation journey… :slight_smile:

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