"Wait for Download" is opening Excel up for a CSV downloaded file?

I’m surpised I have not noticed this before but does “Wait for Download” always automatically open Excel when a CSV file when the downloaded file shows up ?

I have a simple design which uses “Wait for Download” which watches the Downloads folders for a CSV file while ignoring these extensions "“tmp,crdownload,json,bak,png,pdf,xlsx,xaml,txt”. Inside this is an “Attach Browser” which has a “Click” activity to intiation the download.

Immediately following that is a “Read CSV File” Activity using the FileInfo variable to read in the CSV file. All good and it works.

Oddly, while testing just now, I noticed that the the “Wait for Download” activiity downloads the CSV, sees it, and something/somewhere within this activity causes it to IMMEDIATELY open Excel.

For Studio, testing this causes an issue as I have to manually terminate Excel so the “Read CSV File” activity does not have an issue with the lock put in place by Excel.

Have you tested to download the CSV file manually? Does it open automatically? E.g. in Chrome you can set that files of certain type always opens when done downloading.


Let me look at that … did not think about that.

Hello @riverrat437

Please check the below video. As per my understanding its should not auto open the files and it will monitor the progress of the downloading. Plz check it manually once and confirm whether files are automatically opening manually also.


That was it … I must have accidentally clicked on Always Open for CSVs within Chrome at some point on my DEV Studio development VM.

Chrome → Settings → Downloads → There is a clear button for automatic file opens

That cleared it up. Thank you for that suggestion to look at that. Saved my sanity :slight_smile:

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