Wait for download not working

Hi, I want to download a file and only resume processing after I have it.

I’m using wait for download, I specify my download location, I have a fileinfo variable entered in the downloaded file box.
After, I have a writeline to print the filename and it’s printing the .tmp filename, not the .csv that I’m downloading.

It’s not waiting for the download… Does anyone have an idea what else to add to ensure my csv is downloaded?

It says the default timeout is 300 seconds, but the download only takes 10 seconds.

Edit: Never mind, I was misunderstanding how to use the activity. Can you show us your workflow?

I suspect you’ll need to avoid the temp file extension:

Hi @SteveTin,

You can set up a dynamic do while loop as follows by clearing the Download folder first.


Thanks for the suggestion. I don’t have this option.

I got it working though by wrapping it in a do while the wait for downloaded file extension wasn’t .crdownload

Thank you, a do while loop outside of the wait for download did the trick! I did mine a different way.

Wait for download

  • monitored folder = downloadlocation
  • downloaded file = filedownloaded

Do while

  • condition = filedownloaded.fullname.toupper.endswith(“.crdownload”)
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