Wait Element Vanish Problem

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I am having an issue with “Wait Element Vanish” activity.

The problem is that when window 1 needs to vanish Oracle shows up a message screen(window2) and uipath believes that window 1 is under window 2 (validates even though i don’t see the window 1 on screen) therefore it cannot proceed to next step where it should click “OK” ok window 2. Is there any way to avoid that?

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whenever we are trying to act upon a new window coming up use ON IMAGE APPEAR rather to WAIT IMAGE VANISH
–so here once after the window 1 seems like changing its page use a ON IMAGE APPEAR activity and select the image of the OK button in the window 2.
–if that image appears only then the CLICK activity within its scope will get executed

hope this would help you
kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @batuhan

Or u can use find element in a do while loop, keep looping it if the uielement is nothing, once it found the element, it will exit the loop and you can put click activity there

Thank you both. I noticed I did not inform the steps correctly.

In general application when window 1 vanishes, the generated data table appears in Oracle and robot downloads it. That’s why i use element vanish activity. However, if the user makes a wrong selection, Oracle cannot generate this report and window 2 appears. Do you still think I should use on image appear or do while loop?

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Thank you both for your support I solved the issue by clicking WaitNotVisible box in the activity.

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