How to wait 3 to 7 mints to get new window

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How to wait to get new window after i press click button . some times it’s taken 7 mints in my project.
Wait element vanish is correct activity to use?

Wait for Element activity and set the wait time in the properties panel.


Hi Buddy @Abubakkar

We got many options to work on this
let me tell one by one you can choose the right one for your scenario
–On element appear
when a page gets loaded we can find atleast one element tat occurs always, in that case we can choose that element with this activity and increase the TimeOut (Milli seconds) property in this activity to certain value say 600000, this will help the activity to wait till the element in the new page appears and once the element appears it will proceed with the activities mentioned withing this on element appear activity.

–On Image appear
if we are not able to select the elements that occur for sure once the new page loads, as a individual element we can use on image appear, that would select as image rather as a element, same funcationality as on element appear, increase the time out property to 600000

–Wait element vanish
Yes of course this will work, if we have any element that will be there in the current page, then select that and increase the time out property to 600000 and this will wait till the element vanishes, But we got some issues like the moment the element vanishes we must be in a position to access the elements in the next page, which is not stable and we cannot expect that. Unless if we get the next page loaded very quickly nd before performing any operation in it, we can use the above two activities. If we are sure that it will load completely we can use wait element vanish

same as wait image vanish

this should be used as a final card
because the above two activities will start immediately once the image or element appears and wnt wait till full time specified in the timeout ms
but this delay will wait till the time mentioned in its property even if the image or element appeared which will slow down the process and reduce the performance,
so keep this as at last only when we are not able to find any stable image or element that occurs for sure in the new page that gets loaded

Hope this would help you

Cheers @Abubakkar

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Thanks @KarthikByggari I can’t exactly assume with this time It;s always depends 5 to 10 mints
because when i was open macro excel file it’s take some time. excel data is very large

Thanks buddy @Palaniyappan
very needful help this

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Did this gets resolved
any issues stil
Cheers @Abubakkar

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No buddy it;s working fine Thanks

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