Java App Wait Element Vanish Not Working

We’re automating a lot of manual data entry components in E-Business Suite (EBS), a java application. For the most part, UiPath does a great job automating in EBS. However, the Wait Element Vanish activity never seems to work as expected, particularly in comparison to how well this activity works when automating web-based activities where we can rely upon this activity to understand when an element has vanished. Has anyone else had an issue using Wait Element Vanish for EBS? We’ve tried other workarounds, such as Retry Scope with Find activities, such that once the element is no longer found the remainder of the automation can proceed. Unfortunately, even then UiPath continues to Find an EBS element that I know is no longer available (which I can prove by going back to the original Find activity to check the selector, which fails as expected). Long story short, it seems like UiPath’s Find and Wait Element Vanish activities don’t work as I would expect for java apps. Can anyone recommend a workaround that would help us with the following scenario: an argument value is provided for a list item in EBS. UiPath types the list item into an EBS form (java frame) and presses enter. If the list item was correct, the form containing the list item should vanish - if the form doesn’t vanish, a business rule exception should be bubbled up to the calling process to alert the user of the automation that the provided list item isn’t included in the EBS list. I’m happy to provide additional guidance if needed to explain the use case. Thank you all!

I found one workaround, but it ain’t pretty. We use a Find activity at the beginning of a sequence to determine the input for the list item, and we output the FoundElement to a UiElement variable. Rather than running a Wait Element Vanish on the UiElement variable (which would be great but doesn’t work as expected), we can set the UiElement selector to a text variable, set the UiElement variable to Nothing, then try again to find the element, but notably using the selector text and NOT the UiElement selector - if the UiElement could be found again, a business exception is thrown since the list item wasn’t included in the list.

I really do wish the Wait Element Vanish would work for java apps. For reference, we’re running Studio 2019.10.4 with System.Activities 20.4.0 and UIAutomation.Activities 20.4.3.

Has anyone had success with the Wait Element Vanish activity in java applications, E-Business Suite in particular?

It seems the element is still there once it was, although you can not see it. We had that issue with Java apps and a workaround is to click it in a try/catch, if it is not really visible this will fail. In other cases it was enough to use the “Get Attribute” action and check if it contains the string “visible” or “enabled”.

Thank you @moenk! This is brilliant. We got UiPath to understand when various java forms have “vanished” by using Get Attribute and then checking to see if the output contains both “visible” and “showing” (this may differ based upon the java form). Hope this thread helps someone else encountering this issue.

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