Type into webform without waiting for all elements on page to load

Hi all,

how can i type into webform without waiting for all elements on page to load? Documentation say:
Target.WaitForReady - Before performing the actions, wait for the target to become ready. The following options are available:

  • None - Does not wait for anything except the target UI element to exist before executing the action. For example, you can use this option if you want to retrieve just text from a web page or click a particular button, without having to wait for all UI elements to load. Note that this may have unwanted consequences if the button relies on elements which are not yet loaded, such as scripts.

Unfortunately I cant find this option in my type into activity ? What can I do ?

Have you tested to expand the Target property?


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Thanks for your reply. I see the issue now. I’m using type into activity from another package.

how can i switch to the typeinto activity out of the “Core Activites” package ?

Don’t you have the UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities package installed?


The UIAutomation and UIAutomation Next activity packages have been unified under the UIAutomation v20.10.5 activity pack, containing the best of both worlds, now taking advantage of the new Unified Target technology, which brings all of the methods of targeting UI elements together, making all your automation endeavors much easier.

Source: https://docs.uipath.com/releasenotes/docs/uipath-ui-automation-activities

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I have it installed and its active as well. But anyhow, as you can see in the screenshot above the “Wait for Ready” attribute somehow is missing…

Ok, that’s strange. When you search for “Type Into” in the activities panel, do you see two different “Type Into” activities, i.e. one from UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities and one from UiPath.UINextAutomation.Activities?

Also have you tested to uninstall the package UiPath.UINextAutomation.Activities if you have it installed? (Please try on a test project first before doing it in your real project so you don’t lose any work).

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i only have the “non-next” package installed. If i try to install "Automationnext.activities it throws an error.

But somehow the type into activity i’m using is from “next”

Thats so strange

Ok, then I have only one last idea. First backup the xaml file for your workflow. Then edit the xaml file using e.g. Notepad++. Try to find all references to UINextAutomation.Activities and replace it with UIAutomation.Activities. Save the edit and try to open the workflow again in UiPath Studio.


Also, you could test to move the xaml file to a new project. There might be some setting in your current project that is pointing to UINextAutomation.

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tried renaming approach and as well the move to another project approach. Both not working.

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