Bot not waiting for form to load, even though the wait for ready activity is set to complete

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I am automating a process in JD Edwards application. The process works fine for most of the runs. For one run, the bot started filling the form field value even before the form was loaded. I also check on the ‘Wait for Ready’ property for that activity and its set to complete.

One thing which i have observed is while the new form is loading, the web page does not gets refreshed. Is this the reason , due to which ‘Wait for Ready’ property is not working? Please suggest a way to handle this.

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Identify an element in that page and use an incremental delay using Do while with Elements exist and counter variable to wait until that loads with a hard delay of 5 seconds in the loop.

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Put delay of 5 seconds, so that the form page can be loaded properly…

Have a look on this activity made for such scenarios

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we can use ELEMENT EXISTS activity to check whether the element appeared or not before clicking onthe element
in the element exists activity property panel set the wait for ready property as complete
and then get the output witha variable of type boolean named bool_exists
–now use a IF condition like this
bool_exists = True
if true it will go to THEN part where use the click activity

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The reason could be The tool might detecting the Form even with out complete visible on the screen

Can you try with wait visible property to true

Or you can try Retry scope activity

Use element exists activity with wait vsible to true as reference to give value true or false

Then use set of actions what you want to do if that element exists

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