It's frustrating when things work fine in debug mode but not when I run the project

So I created a workflow where there is a type into activity. It works totally fine in debug mode. HOWEVER, when I run the project UiPath clicks on “Open” before it can finish typing the whole path.

There are other problems in click activity also

What’s the explanation for this? Can Anyone explain?

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Hi @sadiaafrin,

You’re workflow is probably going to fast. Please take the time to learn about properties. For example the Wait for ready.

WaitForReady – wait for the target to become ready, before performing the activity. There are three available options:

  • None – does not wait for the target to be ready.
  • Interactive – waits until only a part of the app is loaded.
  • Complete – waits for the entire app to be loaded.

And the Delay After and Before.

  • DelayAfter – adds a pause after the activity, in milliseconds.
  • DelayBefore – adds a pause before the activity, in milliseconds.

Also you can use activities to wait for events to happen like the Find Element activity or the Element Exist.

No worries
In TYPE INTO activity there is a property called DelayBetweenKeys Where add some time around two to three seconds like this 3000 in milliseconds

So that it will ensure that all characters are typed in to the files without any character getting missed

And Still we got many other options like copy pasting method that is use SET TO CLIPBOARD activity and mention the same input that we passed to type into activity

Now use Send hot key activity with key as ctrl+v which will paste the value from the clipboard to the field we want

Hope this would help you
Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @sadiaafrin

@Palaniyappan You didn’t understand what I said. There will no affect of putting delay between keys. Suppose, I want to type C\Dhaka\nppy.pdf.

The robot clicks on Open before typing the whole path. It clicks on open at C\ or C\Dhaka etc.

It works fine in debug mode. What’s the solution for this?

Use a DELAY activity next to the TYPE INTO activity and before click activity, with a TimeSpan of 00:00:05 seconds

This will ensure that click is done after typing with a gap of 5 seconds

But also use DELAYBETWEENKEYS property in type into activity that will ensure that all characters are typed in the field

Cheers @sadiaafrin

Hi @rmunro
You can check log will show you the error

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