WaitForReady not working with On Element Exists

I am using the On Element Exists activity to check if the robot logs in correctly. After clicking the “log in” button, I use an On Element Exists activity and set WaitForReady = Complete, so that the robot will wait for the page to load and then check for the element. Every time I run it though, the output of the On Element Appear boolean is False.

If I add a 15 second delay to force the robot to wait, it works fine (as long as the page has loaded within 15 seconds). I don’t want to rely on the delay activity though since it is not really a best practice since the website can take varying amounts of time to load. How can I fix this?

You might want to increase the Timeout properties (expand under target, if that hasn’t been done).

Timeout is defined as the following:
specifies the amount of time (in milliseconds) to wait for a specified element to be found before an error is thrown.

So it waits for a certain amount of time until the element is found. If you require about 15 seconds, the timeout should be set to 15000, but UiPath will move on if the element is found before the 15 seconds are up. Hope that helps.

Thank you, that fixed it! I had the timeout set to 3000 ms which I was thinking was 30 seconds but now I realize it was actually just 3 seconds.

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