Performance issue with Element Exist Activity

I used Element Exist activity and then used IF activity to check the alert screen is populated or not. Because of this my BOT performance is very slow .
before that my Both Executed 30 min to process 3000 record’s . Now it is taking 2Hr’s.
I used this activity to check the Alert screen , Requirement is like Alert screen is not popup for all record’s so if Alert screen is exists then press OK button and proceed otherwise i continue.

Please help me

Thanks in Advance,

Have you tried reducing the Timeout property for your Element Exists, @Tandasa_Rajasekhar?


If you keep any Delays better to remove and also try to reduce your timeout and check

Hope this helps you


try to use try catch block and put code in finally block try to use element exist activity in try block and error handling in catch ,use finally block for useful code just with it

hey @Tandasa_Rajasekhar
use click activity on alert ok button with continue on error property = TRUE with a low timeout value.
Hope it optimizes your requirement with least possible time

Thanks ,

It is optimized … but i am looking to reduce more time.

Thanks for the suggestion …