Waits activity

Hi everybody. I’m having a problem with the “wait element vanish” “retry scope” “element exsist”. I tried all 3 actions above for my login activity (manual login) but it failed. please help

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Hello @Thang_Nguyen1,

Good day!

Try this way,

Open Browser
Element Exist
then use IF Condition to click


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You can also set a delay, what happens is that the robot does its execution very soon in just 30 seconds and maybe your page is taking a while to load, although the best idea is the Element exist and then the If condition to open as mentioned @Pradeep_Shiv

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Hi @Thang_Nguyen1,

This is what I use when waiting for pages to load:

BooleanValue = False
While BooleanValue = False:
       Element Exists (BooleanValue on Output) TimeoutMS = 5000

See the screenshots below: