Vlookup data in Excel


How to fill in lookup data table properties.

Hi @AsadPathan2665

Try this


Hi @AsadPathan2665

To use the Lookup DataTable activity.
You would first have to read the excel range and store it in a DT
and then pass these parameters:

Use Row number for obtaining details whatever it is that you want.
for eg:

Hope this helps!

Or else if you wanna use this function directly in Excel, you can write it in the 1st cell and use auto fill range.


Hi @AsadPathan2665

you can use the “Lookup Data Table” activity. This activity allows you to search for a value in a specified column of a DataTable and return a matching value from another column.

Here’s how you can fill in the properties of the “Lookup Data Table” activity to achieve the desired result:

  1. Specify the input values:
  • Set the “ValueToLookUp” property to the value you want to search for (e.g., P2).
  • Set the “SearchInColumnIndex” property to the index of the column in the DataTable where you want to perform the lookup operation (e.g., 7).
  1. Specify the DataTable:
  • Set the “DataTable” property to the DataTable variable that contains the data you want to search in (e.g., sheet6).
  1. Specify the output properties:
  • Set the “TargetColumnIndex” property to the index of the column from which you want to retrieve the matching value (e.g., 7).
  • Set the “Result” property to a variable of the appropriate type to store the result of the lookup operation (e.g., lookupResult).