V-lookup Challenge

I have an issue with lookup data-table activity.
I have two tables as shown in picture.i want to lookup the value from table 1 to table 2,
but table 2 contains data in 10000’s.Hence,in my condition its not appreciated to use “For each” activity to table 2.
Is there any way to lookup table 1, in table 2 and simultaneously pass the values to all the valid rows.

Thanks in Advance.
table1 & 2

is it excel based tables ?

if yes then try execute macro

Give a try on Following

Use an assign Activity
Left side: dtResult - datatype of Datatable

Use an assign Activity
Left Side : dtResult
Right side Respekt the Line breaks)

(From d in dt2.asenumerable
Join dl In dt1.asenumerable
On d(0).toString.trim Equals dl(0).toString.trim
Let ra= dl.Itemarray
Select dtResult.Rows.Add(ra)).CopyToDataTable

In dtResult you will get the lookup result

Find starter help here
DataTable_Join_1Col.xaml (10.3 KB)

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If it is in excel
Then use write cell for first vlookup formula
Then use read range
So it will give u total rows using Datatable.Rows.Count
Then use auto fill range in that give range say if you want to use formula from
B3 to end then
Source B3
Destination “B3:B”+(Datatable.Rows.Count+1).ToString
It will apply B3 ie lookup formula to givrn range

find demo xaml on updated post

@ppr, really nice code.

but, @dasharath.nd , you want to keep things more standard. Just use “Join Data Tables”.

—Join Wizard—
input DataTable1: dt2
input DataTable2 : dt1
Join Type: Left
Output DataTable: dtResult

Column Table 1: “names”
Operation: “=”
Column Table 2 “name”

After you just remove the columns you don’t want with “remove data column”.

Sorry I’m new user, so I can’t upload files or use pictures. =(

wow, now I can send files, here the xaml file! =)
DataTable_Join.xaml (8.9 KB)