Excel VLookup Activity not working in StudioX

Hi, I have issues using the VLookup activity in StudioX, also the explanation in the Academy doesn’t seem to be explaining how to use the function.


Can you please send some examples on the correct syntax? What data needs to be in “Source Range”, “Search for values”, “Column Index”, “Exact match” and “Output to”? Can you please compare this with a Excel Vlookup function?


Source range : the range/table where you are doing the search
Search for value: the value to search for
Column index: the column from where you want the result of the search to come from
Output : should be a cell

just like in excel:

This is how the activity will look in newer versions:

on value to lookup you always need to indicate or choose a value from column1, this is how works in excel too

you can also use vlookup between different sheets or workbooks.