Virtual machine configuration (VMWARE)

Hi all,

For our automation projects we use vmware.
But we have some strange behaviours in our workflow which doesnt occur on local machines. So I assume we didn’t do the configuration properly.

Ist there any guideline/documentation to prepare a virtual machine for automation?

Yes, there are guidelines and best practices for preparing a virtual machine (VM) for automation. Here are some steps you can follow:

  1. Virtual Machine Configuration:
  • Ensure that the VM meets the recommended hardware requirements for running UiPath Studio and the automation processes.
  • Allocate sufficient CPU, memory, and disk space to the VM to ensure smooth execution of automation tasks.
  • Disable unnecessary services, background processes, or applications that may interfere with the automation processes.
  • Keep the VM updated with the latest operating system updates, patches, and security fixes.
  1. Software Installation:
  • Install the required version of UiPath Studio or UiPath Robot on the VM.
  • Install any additional software or dependencies required by your automation processes, such as browsers, plugins, or libraries.
  1. Network Configuration:
  • Ensure that the VM has internet connectivity, as some automation tasks may require accessing external resources or APIs.
  • Configure network settings, proxies, or firewalls as per your organization’s requirements.
  1. Environment Setup:
  • Set up the necessary user accounts or permissions on the VM to run the automation processes.
  • Install any required licenses or activate the software on the VM.
  • Set up access to any data sources or databases that the automation processes need to interact with.
  1. Testing and Troubleshooting:
  • Test your automation processes on the VM to ensure they function as expected.
  • Monitor and troubleshoot any issues that arise during execution on the VM, such as system errors, resource constraints, or compatibility problems.

Thank you very much.

But is there any specific documentation for vmware?
Our customer has problems with the bot slowing down after 20 minutes.

The energy policies seem to be valid…

I need something like a handson for the customers it-departement