UiPath Installation in production Virtuel machine

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I’m operating on a production virtual machine.
I had to install UiPath studio installation except UiPath studio only assistant because a production virtual machine and configure the proxy for this virtual machine (server), and configure on my orchestrator. to launch processes on this machine and my questions are as follows :

1-How I install UiPath studio for a production virtual machine to launch the robots of the UiPath orchestrator here are the captures, what are the steps to follow and what are the extensions and config (Note: I use citrix) as you see:
Capture d'écran 2023-12-20 105342
page 3
page 21
page security
and all what i need the assistant UiPath on this production enviroment and tell me if i’am thinking right .

2- My second question on UiPath Orchestrator how do I configure and give me the steps one to add my virtual machine.

3-How I configure and add a robot that executes a process on this virtual machine on UiPath Orchestrator.



Ideally you would do the unattended installtion and not studio or attended


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Hello ,

Thank you i will investigate and give you my feedback .

Cordially .

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