Version CE 2018.1.3 Data Scraping no longer working in Firefox

Had to refresh a scrape, but UiPath CE has updated to 2018.1.3 and data scraping is no longer working!

I can select the first item on the page, but after that the dialog to select the last item on the page is behind the browser and I am unable to bring it to the front.

Where can I get a copy of the previous release please?

Mike T

This is happening in Firefox, does not happen in Internet Explorer.

If I select the selection window, I get this

After a couple of minutes this dialog appears:


Machine is running Windows 10 Pro, i7 processor with 16GB memory

This is Firefox ESR 52.7.3 (64-bit)

Release Notes for 2018.1.3 show:

The Open Browser activity threw an exception when attempting to open the Mozilla Firefox ESR (Extended Support Release) version.

I resolved the problem by installing the latest Firefox Quantum (59.0.2) 64 bit release.

Obviously a problem with the ESR stream