Something wrong to Select element Data scraping

Hi there,

does anyone have the same issue as me during use a select element of data scraping as below? :

this case, I was trying my cursor to title but the blue highlight is not pointing to the title block.

Google Chrome strikes again…does it work in IE?

Wow, It’s working on IE v11. could you tell me more why is not working on Chrome? how can I know my current version UiPath Studio is compatible with what browser version.

Google Chrome strikes again…does it work in IE?

yes, it’s.

Hi @irahmat, my apologies I didn’t mean to sent my previous message twice!

Chrome is having difficulties at the moment, and the best way to know for sure is just to test in on a system. However I believe UiPath is usually at its most stable on IE so its worth using that as a default.

No Worries @Djh, Thank for your information.
anyway, it’s will be good if UIPath provides detail information about browser compatibility to UIPath Version
or I missed this information.

I take it you have the Chrome extension installed too? its often problematic with both companies updating their software and its the extension which needs to bridge the gap

yes, I have. sad to heard it. btw, good to know about this issue.

Thanks a lot @Djh