Data Scraping Issue

I am getting this error while data scraping can anyone help me please

Hope you have installed Extension for UiPath .
Can we have URL?
Are you using chrome? Then please try with IE.

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Thank you @ddpadil it works in IE.but my doubt is why it wont works in chrome i have installed extension also

Not sure.
IE is recommended browser for UiPath Studio .
How about do some Chrome Extension Troubleshooting and give a try.
If still persist make sure system have .net framework 4.5 installed (4.6 recomended though)

PS: Or Install Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5.1 Multi- Targeting Pack also does the job.

Hi @indra

I have used Chrome and Mozilla and I used to get the same error.

This is very common error on UiPath.

SOLUTION : Please use new version Of Internet Explorer for the automation and you WILL NOT get this error again.

Thanks and Regards,

Prashant singh

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Hi @indra

This error will normally occur in Chrome and in fact in Mozilla as well.

So thats why its recommended to use IE.

Warm Regards