UI Interaction issue

Hello Friends,
Posting this issue one more time I didn’t get any solution .

Data scrapping is not working in my laptop . Tried so many everything is correct . UiPath extension is installed .Tried on Internet explorer, Chrome and Forefox.

Studio version is :2019.1.0
Internet Explorer :11

Someone please help me with this .

PFA snapshot.

Appreciate your help .



hi madhuri install / add the appropriate extension to the browser and check application preference in the properties of open browser activity.

this will solve your problem :slight_smile:


Thank you for the quick response .

There is no issue with open Browser it is working fine .

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Hi @Madhuri1,
Is Other automation activities working on IE ???


yes remaining one is working .

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Friends someone please help

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amazon.zip (16.3 KB)
Extract this and run this code …its working fine No issue in ui elements.
Hope it will help in finding solution for your problem.

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Hi @syedabidraza ,
Thank you so much for the quick response .I tried to run the code you provided it is working fine ,it is extracting the data but when I tried to extract data with the help of data scrapping in laptop it is still getting error mentioned below.


If you find the solution , please marked previous answer as solved .:slight_smile:

Try to click on similar things of two books …don’t try to click two things of the same book while using data scrapping .Not sure , but this can be the reason for your error.

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When I am clicking on first after that I am getting this error

For the error , refer this link :

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