Lesson 5 Practice 1

I am trying to complete practice 1 from lesson 5. For the ebay laptop page suggested in the practice walkthrough, I am unable to get the data scraping going. Using IE 11, edge, chrome or firefox (with plugins), the data scraper, is unable to get the first element or move ahead. The entire browser display is selected as a block. The same behaviour exists on amazon search as well.
Any thoughts on what I may be doing incorrectly?


hi @vivek1,
First of all restart studio and browsers. Then instal some package from package manager and must working.


Thanks for your reply. I installed all available packages. Restarted browser and studio. No luck :frowning:

Scraping does not seem to work on additional screens.

I have almost same scenario, except that in IE11 UiPath can detect specific elements of said website.
What is the official UiPath answer, does data scrape not work with Chrome or Edge?