Verify Google Account

Hi, as part of a process, at the beginning of it, i need to prompt user to enter email and password, and than verify its correct with google accounts. how can i do it? (without UI - it needs to be through API / behind the scenes). Didn’t find a way to verify google account with gsuite activities

HI @Gaia_Tamir

You can also try this, ask them to fill in the excel sheet before processing and get it from excel or you can use Windows credentials or Assets

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Hi @Gaia_Tamir ,

Could you refer the below link it is having REST api steps to connect google cloud and verify the credentials are valid google account or not. i hope you might get some help for your requirement. thanks.

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Have a view on this custom component made for the same note

And you can get the input prompt from user using INPUT DIALOG BOX activity

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