Working with G Suite Activities Package

Hello Forum.
Today im trying to do a automation that mainly involves Google APIs like Google Sheet.
Once i tried to work with the GSuite Package and everything looked fine, but now i dont know if its that i installed another activities package or maybe because I upgraded my laptop, but not able to do any automation because is not even letting me to open de Drive on the Specified account.

For those who knows about automating with G Suite knows that in order to let the robot get in into the specified Google Account the robot needs a Attended interaction so the human can click on the account that its deciding to work with. The thing is that everytime i try to run the process and click this account im talking about, it throws a Warning, not the robot, Chrome. The Warning looks like this.

Once i went through this problem and the way to solve it was to desactivate some Security Configurations from the Specified Google Account, but once again every time y try throws the same Warning.

I’m looking for someone that knows how to work with G Suite or Google Sheet, etc…

Looking forward to any kind of feedback on how to solve this problem.
Thank you


Hello @Luis_Fernando ,

In the GSUite scope there will be a field UserEmail. Can you try removing it and execute.

Hello @Rahul_Unnikrishnan, That field is already empty.