Problem Accessing Google Sheets from Uipath and Cloud Orchestrator

I am not a developer but a novice user. I had a developer created several UiPath’s for me using the Google Workspace - Classic Use Google Sheet activity. This activity has the Client ID and ClientSecret and the Google Account. It has worked for several days from either my cell phone or the assistant, and now I am being denied access to the Google Sheet. I have various triggers set up that run automatically throughout the day.

I know that he created a Machine environment. The UiPath processes have been published. Each require access to the same Google Sheet.

  1. I will run the bot and then get “Choose an account to continue to UipathGsuite”
  2. Then I will select the Google Account, which is the same account for my cloud
  3. Then I get “Google hasn’t verified this app You’ve been given access to an app that’s currently being tested. You should only continue if you know the developer that invited you.” Then my option is either Continue or “Back to Safety”
  4. When I select Continue, I get a list of items that UipathGsuite can access and I make sure all are selected and select Continue.
  5. I get either the site cannot be reached or “received verification code. You may now close this window.”

How can I avoid getting this prompt and why am I all of a sudden getting this prompt.? The developer fixes by manually logging in and then it works for about a day or a few days or a few hours and then it comes right back.


Hi @Miracle_Leaf_Natural_Well

The message you are receiving “Google hasn’t verified this app” is because the app created by your developer has not gone through the verification process by Google. This means that it is considered to be an unverified app and Google may block access to it for security reasons.

To avoid this prompt, your developer needs to go through the verification process with Google to get the app verified. This involves submitting the app to Google for review, which can take several days or weeks. Once the app is verified, users will no longer receive the prompt and will be able to use it without any issues.