Use Gsuite with service account impersonating other Gsuite account

Hello there!
I have one automation case that I might need your help. Is it possible using current Gsuite activities to acces Gmail (or other things) by impersonating that account from a different service account? If I grant access to a certain service account to access another Gsuite account (on same domain, enterprise paid Gsuite), how should I setup the activities, and is it even possible?
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I think you can achieve it, mention the account in Gsuite activity that you want to use. While Gsuite opens the chrome to authenticate, there you’ll see the default account, you can switch it to one uh need and then authenticate

I’d try this too.


Please refer this doc for gsuite activity set and configuration

And for component updates

Cheers @Roman_hruska

@rahulsharma I am using service account for authentication since it will be unattended automation, there won’t be any popup to authenticate, I believe.

@Palaniyappan thanks, I read all UiPath documentation to GSuite activities package and did not find anything related to what I am asking about, maybe I missed it somewhere. Can you please point me where is it mentioned? Thanks! :wink:


Service account won’t be able to switch, just tried, no luck.

If you are using Enterprise license, suggest you to contact the UiPath technical support team, may be they can suggest.