Gsuite connection to UiPath

GSuite Application Scope - Supports all GSuite activities. Requires setting up applications in Google Cloud for connecting to Google.

There are newer activities that offer a simplified setup experience. You can connect to the services in one of the following ways:

  • Use the dedicated connectors from the Integration service in UiPath Automation Cloud. This enables you to easily add a connection or select an existing connection from the activities. This option is available starting with UiPath.GSuite.Activities v1.12.0.

  • Use an application and credentials set up in Google Cloud. You can use the default UiPath application (no further configuration required) or set up your own application.

Set up Applications in Google Cloud
Before using the Google GSuite Activities Package, you must configure your applications using the Google Cloud Platform.

  1. Create a google account

  2. Search for google cloud platform in the google search bar.

  3. Create a new project or choose an existing project once you have logged into your google cloud platform.

  4. After this is done, go to dashboard and click on APIs & Services and click on libraries.

  5. Enable the libraries that you wish to automate (ex: Google drive, sheets, Gmail etc).

  6. Go to OAuth consent screen after clicking on APIs & services from the dashboard.
    a. Select external (Projects configured with a user type of External are available to any user with a Google Account. A user’s ability to authorize your app’s requested scopes are impacted by your project’s publishing status)
    Or internal (Projects associated with a Google Cloud Organization can configure Internal users to limit authorization requests to members of the organization).
    b. Fill in the other mandatory details like Developer contact information and click on save and continue.
    c. We can also add other users here.

  7. Now click on credentials after clicking APIs & Services from the dashboard. There are three types of authentications:
    a. API key :
    An API key is the simplest authentication mechanism but can be used only with the Google Sheets activity.For more information about API Keys, see Using API Keys in the Google Cloud Documentation.
    b. OAuth client ID:
    Please note that when creating the Credential, its type should be “Other”.
    The OAuth Client ID method works with all GSuite services, however, it’s recommended for attended automation because user consent is required before the robot can access your Google account (for more information, see User consent in the Google Help documentation).
    Note: If UiPath account is used no need of providing the cliend ID and secret key only for custom we need to provide the details.

    For more information about OAuth client ID, see Using OAuth 2.0 to Access Google APIs in the Google Cloud Documentation. For step-by-step instructions, see Setting up OAuth 2.0 in the Google Help documentation.
    c. Service account key:
    A service account key is a special type of Google account that belongs to your application instead of to an individual end-user. Your application calls Google APIs on behalf of the service account, so users aren’t directly involved.
    For more information about Service account keys, see Understanding service accounts in the Google Cloud Documentation.


As of May 2024, the “Other” option from OAuth Client ID has been removed. What to use now?