Variable type String not being typed in Type into activity

Hi, I have an excel file with paths to several directories on hard drive in rows. I am using For Each Row activity where the paths are being read one by one from excel file and I have set Output variable as a String (I have “tested” it by inputting a message box at the end and all the paths were shown correctly one by one). Then I want to open these directories, I am using Send Hotkey activity for Win+R and then Type Into activity where my Output variable from For Each Row should be filled in - but nothing is being filled in. Can something be wrong with my variable? When replaced the variable by “Directory path” text it was filled by robot correctly and the directory did open. Thanks in advance for your help.


possible to share workflow or screen shot of workflow?

@vi3991 Have you tried enabling “Click before typing” and “Empty field”?


Hi @Jarzzz thanks a lot! Selecting also Click before typing helped :slight_smile:

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