Problem with Type info activity

Hello every body

I have a problem with my Type info activity

When the robot write a value like this PRJ4114 in the field My project in the my web application.

There is an another field with automatic Filling;

The robot get the value of my project number like this PRJ411 and not the value of PRJ4114

The value of PRJ411 is different of the value of PRJ4114
Robot get this

Instead of this

I given the necessary time to activity for be exucte. See the Screenshot

This problem is not for all of my Project number, it come from time to time not always.

I share whit you my project
Main.xaml (197.0 KB)

Try giving delay between keys in Properties pane of Type into Activity

I tried this, but I have the same problem. there is a another type of activity to write on the field on the web application?


Try once with Set Text activity.

Hi @Slimane_OUZIALA,

Yes try with set text
or else use type into & pass the selector dynamically

Hi @Slimane_OUZIALA

Try with Default method or simulate property

And give Click before typing and delay between keys as 100


Did you try this?
Create a variable and assign value to variable and pass that variable to Project field.


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@lakshman & @varunk Thank you for your answers, I tried it but the same problem, I have the a problem with automatic filling

I will try it thank you @anil5

can you try breaking your string into chunks ie sending 1 character or maybe 2-3 character at a time to see if this issue persists.

i experience something like this with vba sendkeys in the past and i am not sure if type-into uses the same implementation.

In my case the variable to split contains 6 or 8 caracters, number or letters.
how to split this variable to créate 6 others variables ?
Thank you

Thank you every body,

I resolved this issue with this method,

I get my Variable and I split it to one Char by time.

I assign my Variable to Var.ToCharArray() and I Loop all my items in the my Var

finally I send to my Feild Item by item.

The solution in attach
I update the topic to resolved.

Main.xaml (7.3 KB)

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glad that you managed to solve this

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