Data in excel have declared variables + text

I’m trying to work on type into activity and currently blocked on how the string data be converted to code. We should only get the data in the excel file.

Here’s the thing, the data in column Test in an excel file consist of:
MESSAGE + “Hello”

MESSAGE is also a variable declared in UiPath with a value of "This is a sample message: ".

I assigned a variable to get the String data from column Test which is MESSAGE + “Hello” but it’s going to be converted first to a String. So, I did TEST_EXEC = row.Item(“Test”).ToString.

After running the file, I get the ooutput: MESSAGE + “Hello”.

It should be: This is a sample message: Hello.

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can you share your flow

Hello! So the flow is the data that I will get in excel file is: MESSAGE + “Hello” and it’s in column Test.

I already declared the following variables:
MESSAGE = "This is a sample message: "
TEST_EXEC = row.Item(“Test”).ToString

Now in my Type into activity, I put the variable TEST_EXEC, but I don’t know how the MESSAGE variable will output "This is a sample message: " since the data is now converted to a String.

Can you please help me?

Hi @esther.dlreyes

Inside the type into activity

Use this syntax MESSAGE+TEST_EXEC and output will be like This is a sample message:Hello



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Well you got the answer
The reason for not taking MESSAGE as variable is because when reading excel and passing in studio it passes as STRING literals
Which means in this
MESSAGE + “Hello” - though MESSAGE is declared as a variable it is obtained as a string value

But still we can bring the value of that variable like this
Message.ToString+“ + “+Split(row.Item(“Test”).ToString,”+”)(1).ToString

Hope this would help you

Cheers @esther.dlreyes