Values For Site Name And Tableau Server URL in Tableau Application Scope Activity

What are the values for 'Site Name' and 'Tableau Server URL' in Tableau Application Scope Activity?

The Tableau Scope activity is used to establish an authenticated connection between UiPath and your Tableau application. This connection authorizes a Robot to call the Tableau APIs and access resources on your behalf. The values for 'Username' and 'Password' are the Tableau credentials used for login.

The values for the 'Sitename' and 'Tableau Server URL' can be found as follows.

  • If Tableau desktop application is used, then navigate to the following path



The various values are as follows:

Site Name : To be picked from 'Site' field

Tableau Server URL: To be picked from URL field

If Tableau online is used, then the values are as follows:

An example URL after signing into Tableau online and selecting an existing site called MarketingTeam is as follows

  • Site Name : This is the value that appears after the /site/ in the browser address bar. For the above example, the value is MarketingTeam
  • Tableau Server URL : The URL of tableau server. For the above example, the value is