How to configure Tableau Application Scope connection using Access Token in UiPath

This tutorial will describe how you can make connection with Tableau using UiPath.

Pre-Requisite: You need to have a Tableau account. If you don’t have an account then join the Tableau developer program by logging to this link Tableau Developer Program to create your developer account

Here are the steps

Go to your Tableau Account

scroll down to ‘Personal Token’ section

Type in the ‘Token Name’ and click on create new token button, A popup will appear and will show you the Token Name and Token Secret

Now, Open UiPath Studio and Install UiPath.Tableau.Activities

Now, Drag Tableau Application Scope to the main workflow

and click on Configure button

To test the design time connection, put all the values in the design time section

This would contain 5 parameters for the API token type

API Name & API Token Secret: this value can be fetched from the personal access token popup mentioned above

API Version: The current version is 3.12 and it can change as well in the future. You can get this info from the Tableau API page

Site name: This is the site name of your project that belongs to you. You can get this information from by logging into your tableau server URL.

it is the name appear after the ‘site/’ in the URL

Tableau Server URL : This information can also be fetched from the same URL

it is the value before the # in the URL

Once you test the ‘Design Connection’, you can put the same values in the ‘Robot Connection’ tab

Here is the YouTube Video:

Code: GitHub - manojbatra071/UiPathSamples

Medium : How to configure Tableau Application Scope connection using Access Token in UiPath | by Manoj Batra | Nov, 2022 | Medium

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