Tableau Configuration With Error Message And Solution

How to resolve the Error received while trying to configure Tableau application scope ?

Error is obtained while trying to configure Tableau application scope. UiPath.Tableau.Activities pack is supported in UiPath Studio v2021.4 FTS. If the version of UiPath Studio being used is lower, upgrade to UiPath Studio v2021.4 FTS version and then try using the activities pack.

If there is an issue with the values provided for the various fields, find the values of the fields given below:

  1. Username : Username used to log into Tableau
  2. Password : Password of the above username
  3. API Version : This is the version of the Tableau REST API. Current value for this is 3.12
  4. Site Name : This is the site to /sign in to. This is the value of the contentUrl attribute. The content URL is the sub path of a site's full URL. In the server environment, it is referred to as the Site ID. When you sign in to Tableau Server or Tableau Online manually, the contentUrl is the the value that appears after /site/ in the Browser address bar. For example, in the following URLs, the content URL is MarketingTeam:

(Tableau Server) http://MyServer/#/site/MarketingTeam/projects

(Tableau Online)

  1. Tableau Server URL : This is the base URL for your Tableau Server. Detailed information about the Tableau REST API can be found here .

Verify the below issue types using the Postman, to get better understanding and resolution

  1. API Version is not correct
  2. Site id is not Correct
  3. Credentials are not correct

To get better Understanding about configuration of Tableau with the UiPath Studio i.e , using Basic authentication

  1. API Version is not correct
  • Check the API Version

UiPath Studio Error Message


  • Just post the same Request

  • The correct version of API is obtained

  1. Site id is not Correct

  1. Credentials Are Not Correct

  • Check for API

  • Check with Local IT Team for the correct credentials.