Validation Error


Flow Decision activity does not show validation error (Blue/Red Exclamatory icon) besides the activity as we see in other activities in case of any error.

In this case, when building a really big flow, it gets a bit tricky to identify the error if it is in FlowDecision condition. Hence it is a must to have that there.

Screenshot where there is an error in FlowDecision however not reflecting in Designer

Known issue. Decision activity comes from Microsoft, as is.
In case of a big workflow you should manually check the decision boxes if there are no other errors shown.

Easier way is to use the Validation button from Execute menu -> Validate. It will focus the activity with the error.

I’m wondering, is there a way to overwrite a designer without redoing the activity?

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In some cases, rewriting the activity’s designer is possible, but I don’t think we wanna go there :slight_smile:

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Can the activity that has an error be focused when we click an error icon??

This can be achieved if you click on Validate button available on the Execute tab. If an activity within the workflow has an error, the activity will be focused