"This workflow has validation errors..." when using "Run from this Activity"


Has anyone else encountered an issue using “Run from this Activity”?

I am working on the Academy training Debugging course. I am attempting to recreate the “Run from this Activity” demo. The process runs perfectly when I run it using Debug File. However, when I “Run from this Activity”, I get the error “The workflow has validation errors. Review and resolve them first.”. The process stops at the correct activity, but when I try to Continue or “Step Into”, I get the error. There are no other obvious errors. This happens no matter what activity I attempt to start from.

(There are only 4 activities: an Input Dialog and three Type Intos.)

I have created the process twice, in two different projects. Both gave the same results.

Could this be related to the Test Activity issue that was raised in October, 2020?

I am using Studio version 2021.4.0.

Thank you!

Hi @WendyS, Could you please post a screen shot of your issue?

Good morning Robin,

Thank you for the response but I found the issue. Operator error. :slight_smile: