Skip validation error check?


it takes my project about 5 minutes to start since there’s a lot of activities in it now…
Is there a way to skip the checking project for validation errors thingy?


Hi @lmoham,
What kind of errors exactly do you have or do you want to skip?

Oh no errors, just wondering if I could skip the validation check for errors, yknow the thing that’s running right after clicking the debug/run button… my xaml file is kinda big now and it takes about 15minutes just to get the validation check thingy completed and over with for the project to initiate.

You can experiment with these settings, but nothing much more.

ohhh… icic thanks for your response Pawel!

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Can you please give me a little bit more details? I mean which Studio version do you have. Are you using any Source Control like SVN or GIT in the project? I’m surprised that it loads that long to you. Eventually if you could provide me an example project, so I could test it on my end.

Hey, thanks for your response :slight_smile: am currently looking to change my computer as the one running was one released 10 years or so ago will let you know if my problem persists Pablito!

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