V2018.2 Release for Community


Got a question about debugging mode. In the release notes, it mentions that “Debugging rights are now available for all types of Robots”.
From my understanding, in order to use the debug mode, it will require a Studio license and a development bot. So, how should we understand the “debugging rights” here?


Hi @Tim

This means that when connected to Orchestrator, the Local Robot (the Robot on the Studio machine) doesn’t have to be provisioned as Development Robot in order for Debugging in Studio to work.

In 2018.1 version this was the rule (Development Robot in 2018.1) but we have seen that many of you had struggles with this and now, in 2018.2 version, Debugging in Studio works for every Robot type.

Let me know if you still have questions regarding this matter.


Thank you, Ovi!

If you don’t mind, I got a few more questions regarding the concurrent license.

For attended robot, does the user have to exit the UiPath robot tray in order to release the license consumption?

What about studio, how does it check the release of the concurrent license?

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